5 years catalog

by the postcard club


20 pages

75 x 100mm

riso printed 4 colors

Paper: Arena Natural 100g

200 copies




Dear Postcard Club member


In times when your mailbox was only being filled with bills and advertisements, something needed to happen.

As a cure for rusty mailbox syndrome we started a flashy monthly correspondence, where we would bring to your doormat a monthly dose of screen-printed drawings, accompanied by soundtracks. We tried to make your mail slot happy again.


We started the Postcard Club from a mutual love for correspondence by snail mail, carefully picked out and sent from a place far away. We had send each other postcards for multiple years and decided to open up our 10 x 15 centimeters club to the rest of the world.


Little did we know that this would result into:


5 years

20 artists

24 sounds

60 artworks

136 members

197 screen printed layers

2520 stamps


Every month the question would arise of the image

the colours

the stamp position

the accompanied sounds (for the first two years)


We hope it served you well and mended the relationship with your mailbox.


Now after five years of licking stamps our tongues are quite tired and, did you know, folding and writing envelopes every month make your fingers quite fatigued? We started to look forward to using our time for printing and folding new things.. and yet the subscriptions kept coming…


Not that we didn’t appreciate all the members.

The club wouldn’t be a club without them.

People from all over the earth joined, and some from even further (it was hard to find your mailbox but the brave postal service did).


We will probably still be printing postcards once in a while, from now on available specifically at Terry’s bookstore.


Now we part our ways, but not before we want to give a big round of applause to all the artists that participated and all the interns that helped out immensely.




not least,

we want to tell you to keep sending each other kindness

and to keep on caring for each others mailbox

and to know that once you were part of the club, you are always part of it

even if you never open your envelopes

even if you are using the postcards as coffee coasters…


We wish you a WOOD anniversary,

founders of the Postcard Club

Rosa & Hugo

© Terry Bleu 2022