Terry Bleu is an independent printing studio and publishing house founded in 2016 by Hugo Rocci. With a mission to transform the work of artists we love into fresh, one-of-a-kind prints, we get tickled by the playful, colourful, naïve, and surprising.

Our focus extends to the production of limited edition books through close collaborations with artists. With a more hands on approach to the bookmaking process, we redefine the traditional concept of the book, turning each piece into a distinct work of art. We see each publication as a portable exhibition, offering an accessible gateway from the art world to a broader audience.

In 2020, we relocated to the heart of Amsterdam, and that's when Brent Dahl joined the studio. Together, we manage printing inquiries, run the bookshop, organise book launches and so much more!

Visit us:

Terry Bleu
Van Ostadestraat 233 NN
1073TN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

most likely open
wednesday - saturday

Terry's bookstore:

Our printing studio is also home to a bookstore focusing on contemporary illustration and limited edition artists books and zines.

Come take a look at a selection of fine independent publishers from around the world.
Books from:
Animal Press (BE)
Breakdown Press (UK)
Caboose (US)
Can Can Press (MX)
Colorama (DE)
Corners (KR)
Dream Press (SA)
Fidele (FR)
Grafis Nusantra (ID)
Knust (NL)
Lagon Revue (FR)
Le Dernier Cri (FR)
Mega Press (US)
Perfectly Acceptable (US)
Quintal (FR)
Ruja Press (NL)
Super Structure (BE)
Two in Row (TH)
and so much more!

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